Senior Thesis Exhibition 2012

So slow that we do not notice

So fast that we cannot see

So constant that we do not look

All my life I have loved noticing when something looks like something else or when something is different than I expect.  The details and little differences that distinguish one thing from another or make them similar in an unexpected way.

Postcard Front

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Postcard Back

As we live our lives, the everyday or the previously experienced often loses it’s flavor, no longer captivating our attention, and sometimes affecting our desire to explore further.  Like a book shop or cafe you walk by every day but never take the time to enter because you have been in book shops and cafes before.  But this kind of assumption may make us miss something wonderful. We often become accustomed to the way life has been presented to us, that we allow our preconceptions to rule our senses and prevent us from fully experiencing something potentially new and inspiring.

BFA Jewelry Thesis Gallery Show 2012

Large floor section

Photos by Mike Bucci

“With death comes life, the rebirth of sight”


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