Fashion Jewelry Photo-Shoot

Moth rings/hairpiece collection

Actias Luna Moth RingSpiral Hair Pieces

Actias Luna Moth Ring
Spiral Hair Pieces

Photographer: Kimisa Mi
Assistant Photographer: Dierdre Cook
Jewelry designer: Jean Saung
Model: Sho
MuA: Kelly Mcginnis
Hair Stylist: Guan Peng

My jewelry pieces question our preconceptions.  What is one thing may actually be another. Butterfly or moth? Eyes of a peacock feather or the eyes of moth wings? A finger or a branch? Roots or hair? Feathers or moss?  Where do these pieces belong?  Do they have to belong anywhere we are already familiar with? We sometimes categorize and assign associations to new experiences, unknowingly dismissing what can be new or refreshing.

These jewelry pieces are based on silk moths, but even when they are assumed to be butterflies, the surprise on the person’s face when I explain the misconception is just one of the exchanges and impressions I would like to make.

Automeris Io Moth RingsFemaie & Male

Automeris Io Moth Rings
Femaie & Male

Let us not lose sight of how amazing life and nature is, every little bit.  What is precious?  The comfort of our preconceptions, our unquestioning relationship with the world?  But what about all the wonders that life has to offer if we take the time to look and to wonder?

The  world we perceive as “it is” or the world we perceive as “it might be”?

So please come explore this small world of mine where nothing is quite what it seems…


The rings and hair pieces are made of sterling silver and peacock feathers.  All of the rings can be worn as a single or double ring.  The body of the moths are hinges, when the rings are moved together and apart, the wings flap.  I guess it just goes to show that the charms of life and nature can be revealed when we “make a move”.

With the addition of a silver U-shaped pin, all the rings can be worn as hair pieces as well.

Argema Mittrei Moth ring worn with U-shaped Hair pinActias Luna Moth ring

Argema Mittrei Moth ring worn with U-shaped Hair pin
Actias Luna Moth ring


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